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Excavator spare parts


KRANEKS Machinery Group sells spare parts for all EK series excavators currently in production, and also for phased out machines manufactured by the group since 1991(МТП-71 (also МТТ-16 cranes); МТП 72, МТП 72Б; EU 421; EU 422; EU 423; EU 520; EK 220 EK 230; EK 240 LC; EK 270 – all series; EK 270LC; EK 300; EK400 – all series.

Original spare parts and components for KRANEKS brand excavator equipment are sold and shipped only by KRANEKS Machinery Group and its regional representative offices.

Acquiring them through an authorized dealer or directly from our sales offices ensures quality and confidence in trouble free operation of all assemblies.

Other organisations offering spare parts and components for KRANEKS equipment are not its authorized representatives and do not have any rights regarding sale and servicing of KRANEKS excavators. We cannot guarantee that spare parts and components or items similar to them supplied for KRANEKS excavators by intermediaries are original products of the appropriate quality, and therefore do not accept claims regarding the quality of such spare parts and components installed on KRANEKS excavators.

The service life of not original spare parts is 3-4 times shorter than that of original items, resulting in equipment breakdown, additional equipment repairs and costs (due to replacement of recently purchased parts) and a sharp increase in equipment downtime.

The reliability of an excavator is determined by the reliability of its lowest quality unit!



Periodic maintenance is crucial for ensuring maximum equipment service life, in view of the extremely tough conditions experienced by construction and road building equipment (exposed to the action of dust, dirt and water). For normal operation, it is essential that engines are supplied with clean, dust free air and oil free from sediment or impurities, while no water should be present in the fuel. Only in these conditions will your machine achieve maximum efficiency.

Oil filters

Engines contain many spare parts and components needing lubrication in the course of their work. Contamination of lubrication oil with dust, dirt or water results in excessive wear of such parts. Oil filters remove all contaminants from the oil, thus prolonging engine service life and maintaining its normal operation.

Air filters

Engine intake air contains particles and dust, which can result in serious wear of piston rings and cylinders, leading to reduced power, black smoke engine exhaust and increased oil consumption. To prolong engine service life and maintain its normal performance only original air filters should be used.

Fuel filter

As the fuel pump and nozzles function under high pressure, entry of dirt or dust may lead to pump breakage and nozzle sticking. Fuel filters remove dirt and dust from fuel, ensuring maximum engine efficiency and service life.

Rapidly wearing spare parts for construction and mining equipment

Original spare parts used in construction and mining equipment (bucket teeth crowns, cutting lips, blades and others) are made from high quality metal and hardened using a special technique. High impact resistance ensures long service life in heavy duty conditions and also high cost effectiveness.

Cutting lips and side cutters

Cutting lips from KRANEKS are made from high quality rolled steel and hardened using a special technique. High quality performance is achieved by combining cutting edges with side cutters. In addition, the cutting lip rear part is grooved, which prevents loosening, wear or damage to fastening bolts. The cost effectiveness of using KRANEKS cutting lips is also due to the possibility of being used symmetrically, which results in a twofold increase in service life.



KRANEKS Machinery Group is implementing its foundry division’s project for the production of cast mining bucket fittings.

KRANEKS currently produces the following fittings: lip, vertical and wing shrouds for excavators of 70-120 ton weigh. These fittings have successfully completed laboratory tests, fully confirming rated characteristics.

The first lots of bucket fittings from KRANEKS have been delivered for testing in user operating conditions at quarries and mines in Karelia and Kuzbass.

Information about our production lip, vertical and wing shrouds may be obtained at exhibitions in which KRANEKS Machinery Group participates or by visiting our head office or regional representative offices.





This system, which we offer for excavators of 0.5 – 300 tons, is best known as applicable to medium size machines (12-80 tons). Extensive use is made of standard parts, but we also offer customised solutions, if necessary. Any machine, whether a mini or giant excavator, can be equipped with our wear-resistant components.

Advantages of the KVX system

  1. Absence of typical problems related to welding processes.
  2. Reduces overall thickness of cutting lip systems, giving you deeper bucket penetration in soil and significantly higher labour efficiency.
  3. Requires practically no servicing, thus reducing downtime and labour costs, and providing prolonged continuous operation.
  4. Ensures highly reliable and predictable results at each change of components.
  5. Permits reuse of wear parts, from tooth crowns to lips.

KVX system with one bolt

This system uses one bolt for securing to the bucket edge, and for all makes. Simply align the bolt with the bucket edge projections and insert it. Rapid and simple fastening to save your time and money.





The new KVX E2 system means two systems in one!

Today it is possible to mount two different KVX bolt systems on one KVX bucket edge:

  1. Standard with reverse teeth.
  2. New E2 with 500 HB couplers and quick change tooth crown.



KRANEKS Machinery Group always offers crawler parts of the highest quality.

As an excavator manufacturer, we understand the cost of replacing crawler parts, which can comprise up to 40% of total machine servicing costs.

Original crawler parts from KRANEKS meet quality requirements and customer needs, giving optimal equipment characteristics and reducing operating expenses and costs due to downtime.

Track chains

The track chain is a part of the crawler machine’s drive and a crawler component.

Track shoes

Track shoes are crawler components, like track chains. Their function is to hold the machine in position on the ground and transmit traction force.

Lower rollers

Lower rollers are a crawler component, holding it in position and guiding it.

Track assembly

The crawler is a crawler machine’s drive unit consisting of track chain and shoes linked by bolts and nuts.

Upper rollers

Upper rollers support the upper part of the crawler, and are secured above on the undercarriage.

Track idlers, tensioners and yokes

The track idler is a crawler undercarriage component intended to guide crawler motion and, together with the tensioner, ensure required crawler tension. The track idler is connected to the tensioner by means of a yoke.


A part of the crawler system, intended to transmit track drive torque to the crawler.

Bolts, nuts and washers

Reliable fasteners are needed to properly secure track shoes to track chains, sprockets to travel gearboxes, rollers to undercarriage frames. Bolts and nuts should highly reliable and durable.


Hydraulic system components offered as spare parts are exactly the same as those used in KRANEKS’S excavator assembly line. Quality industrial components ensure smooth, precise and rapid operation. Hydraulic equipment is selected in such a way as to ensure maximum productivity through reduced downtime.



Hydraulic cylinders from Hydrauto are cushioned to reduce dynamic loads on attachments and prolong their service life. If requested, anti-drift valves from Bosch Rexroth are mounted to prevent lowering of attachments under heavy loads.



The twin axial-piston pump unit from Bosch Rexroth ensures efficient transmission of engine power to excavator working units. The pump control device adjusts hydraulic fluid supply depending on the current work load. This ensures optimal excavator power during difficult operations requiring considerable effort and reduces fuel consumption when control devices are in their neutral position.



Control valves from Bosch Rexroth facilitate mounting of a wide range of attachments (hydraulic breakers, clamshells, rippers, screw augers and others), which ensures high excavator output and versatility.



The rotary distributor from Haldex facilitates reliable (leak-free) supply of hydraulic fluid from the control valve to track drive motors.



Track drive and swing motors from Bosch Rexroth feature built-in valves which reduce dynamic loads and prolong functioning of drive and swing circuits.


All KRANEKS Machinery Group products are shipped through its deliveries, transport and customs department.

Goods may be delivered by various modes of transport:

  • By rail (flat car, wagon or container);
  • Lowboy trailer for outsize cargoes;
  • Forwarder’s truck;
  • Air freight;
  • Express delivery.

Transportation costs depend on distance, goods size and type, also forwarder’s rates.

Our deliveries, transport and customs department staff fulfill all work related to goods customs clearance and insurance during shipment of machines or attachments for export.

Please contact our staff to resolve any matters related to your goods delivery by calling +7 (800) 200-77-08