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Service and spare parts

KRANEKS Machinery Group sells spare parts for all EK series excavators currently in production, and also for phased out machines manufactured by the group since 1991(МТП-71 (also МТТ-16 cranes); МТП 72, МТП 72Б; EU 421; EU 422; EU 423; EU 520; EK 220 EK 230; EK 240 LC; EK 270 – all series; EK 270LC; EK 300; EK400 – all series.

KRANEKS Machinery Group’s regional representative offices provide excavator commissioning, operator training, warranty and post-warranty servicing in any location of the former USSR.

Original spare parts and components for KRANEKS excavator equipment are sold only through legal entities that are members of the Group and through its regional representative offices working under power of attorney from KRANEKS Machinery Group.



KRANEKS Machinery Group sells spare parts for equipment manufactured by it only through its own sales and service network operated by its regional representative offices.

This is a well-functioning system involving experienced professionals ready to assist in ordering spare parts.

Мы предлагаем клиентам только оригинальные запасные части, точно такие же как иду на конвейер.

All storehouses are linked by a uniform record keeping system providing information on availability of spares at all branch storehouses. We respond to our customers’ wishes and do everything to prevent equipment downtime.


KRANEKS service network:

  • Highly qualified technical staff
  • Responding to customer requests within no more than 48 hours.
  • Short delivery times for consumable products, spare parts, major assemblies and units.
  • A network of regional storehouses with spares and consumables.