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Metal Cutting

Kraneks International Co., Ltd. joint venture, set up through joint investments of KOMATSU, Japan and KRANEKS Machinery Company, Russia, carries out cutting and blanking operations of any complexity:

  • cutting shaped metal-roll;
  • oxygen, plasma and laser cutting of flat sheet products;
  • curvilinear weld bevelling, cutting holes of any configuration in bent sections using oxygen cutting techniques;
  • sheet levelling and bending;
  • other operations: assembly, welding, galvanizing, sandblasting, painting.

Both the technology at the disposal of the JV's employees and their skills fully comply with the standards of the world's leading manufacturers, while their products meet the most stringent international requirements. All equipment is computerised, which facilitates the creation of working drawings and control of machining processes.

The basic production equipment comprises:

  • Gas-cutting machine from Tanaka, Japan
    Oxygen cutting of flat sheet products, 6-133 mm thick, 2500 x 12000 mm, cutting accuracy up to 1 mm, cut surface roughness Rz 130.
  • Laser-cutting device from Trumpf, Switzerland
    Laser cutting of flat sheet products, 1-10 mm thick, 1500 x 3000 mm, positioning error 0.1mm, cut surface finish 3.2.
  • Band saws from Amada, Japan
    Cutting rounds, square and round section pipes with walls at least 4 mm thick and side diameter of up to 400 mm. Suited for cutting blanks at 45 angle, construction, stainless and alloy steel cutting
  • Bevelling robot from Motoman, Japan
    Curvilinear weld bevelling, cutting holes of any configuration in bent sections using oxygen cutting techniques with up to 0.25 mm accuracy.
  • 800-ton press brake from LVD, Belgium
    Bending flat sheet products up to 50 mm thick, bending angle accuracy maintained within 0.25 degree.
  • 160-ton press brake from Komatsu, Japan
    Bending flat sheet products up to16 mm thick, bending angle accuracy maintained within 0.15 degree.
  • Plate-edge bevelling machine from Shinx, Japan
    Weld bevelling, sheets up to 60 mm thick, up to 600 angle.

KRANEKS International Company's production facilities permit monthly production of up to 1000 tons of blanks from rolled steel (sheet products and sections).

Совместное предприятие может изготавливать:

  • Нестандартные металлоконструкции;
  • Сложные профили высокой точности;
  • Инструментальные заготовки и фланцы;
  • Запчасти к отечественной и импортной технике;
  • Декоративные ограды и облицовку с орнаментом;
  • Стеллажи, подставки и полки;
  • Шаблоны, буквы, трафареты, вывески;
  • Элементы интерьера;
  • Промышленные изделия.

Уже сегодня Kraneks International Co., Ltd выполняет работы для сотен заказчиков. Основными потребителями продукции совместного предприятия являются фирмы "Komatsu UK" (Великобритания) и "МК КРАНЭКС" (Россия), предприятия судостроения, мостостроения, машиностроительного комплекса.

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