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Group background

The history of KRANEKS Machinery Group (KRANEKS MG) dates back to 1930, when the Soviet Communist Party Central Committee resolved to build an engineering plant in Ivanovo to manufacture peat machines. The plant was commissioned on 1 July 1932.

Crane PK-2

The first production models were multi-bucket peat excavators and stump and hydro peat handling cranes. Gradually the plant increased its production capacities, introducing and manufacturing new types of peat machines: UMF-4 milled peat harvesters, trough type peat harvesters and stumpers. During the first postwar years, regular production of new excavators, the TE-2 and TE-3, was organized.

Excavator TE-3

The output of excavators steadily increased from the 1960s onwards, with the appearance of new machines (PMT-1, PMT-2, PMT-3). This period (1959-1965) witnessed the plant's second birth, with reconstruction of its premises. The plant consolidated its reputation as a leading enterprise in its branch of industry.

Excavator MTP-71А

In 1970 the plant began producing a new hydraulic excavator, the MTP-71. Hydraulic excavators subsequently replaced cable-operated machines.

On 1 December 1992, following reorganization of Ivanovo Crane and Excavator Plant, an open joint stock company, KRANEKS Machinery Company, was established. Excavators have remained its principal products, as in the past. The company launched the EU-423 and EU-520 hydraulic excavators, developed and tested a prototype EU-423 machine with hydraulics from Mannesmann Rexroth, Germany. At the same time as new types of attachments were developed and introduced, a new excavator model for operation on low-bearing and swampy soils, the EU-423LC, was developed, becoming the only Russian excavator with a ground bearing pressure of 0.21 kgf/cm2.


Since 1998 a joint venture for producing excavator parts, KRANEKS-KOMATSU, has been operating within KRANEKS MG. The JV's equipment fully conforms to the standards of leading world manufacturers.

In the same year KRANEKS MG changed over to a fundamentally new series of excavators, the EK, with the EK-270 and EK-400 as the basic models. The new EK excavator series features complete sets of hydraulic equipment from German firms Bosch Rexroth and Parker Hydraulics.

In 2002 KRANEKS MG began production of a new excavator series, the "0-3" (EK-270-03 and EK-400-03), the design of which takes into account all customer wishes to improve the reliability, efficiency and operator comfort of KRANEKS excavators.

In 2003 KRANEKS KRANEKS MG developed a new excavator model jointly with staff from Deutz, Bosch Rexroth, Hydrauto and Italtractor -the EK-220-06, of 23 tonnes. The new excavator is characterised by enhanced reliability, economy and longer service life, and its performance data fully comply with those of the best foreign makes of the same class.

At the end of 2003 KRANEKS MG changed over to manufacturing a new excavator series, the "05" (EK 270LC and EK 400). The new "05" excavator series is distinguished by a more spacious and comfortable operator's cab, more reliable power unit and hydraulic system functioning and superior performance characteristics.

In 2004 KRANEKS MG developed a new excavator model, the EK 300-06, of 32 tonnes. Its development involved the participation of staff from Deutz (power unit), Bosch Rexroth and Hydrauto (hydraulic system) and Berco (tracks). The EK 300-06's performance data fully comply with those of the best foreign makes of the same class.

In 2006 KRANEKS MG changed over to manufacturing a new excavator series, the "06" (EK 230 and EK 330). The new models have been developed from the previous excavator series, being the result of the latters modernisation carried out simultaneously in several directions. To achieve new and better levels of reliability and excavating output, engine and hydraulic system settings have been optimised, with improvements in electrical equipment, installation of a new computer, reinforcement of undercarriage components and excavator attachments.

Excavator EK 450FS

In May 2006 our KRANEKS MG engineers developed a new excavator model, the EK 450FS, equipped with a face shovel and intended for use in sand and gravel quarries, in overburden operations, loading various soils and materials into motor transport vehicles and railroad cars etc. In its specifications, the EK 450FS fully conforms to similar class overseas machines, but with lower acquisition price and subsequent operating costs.

The main task being fulfilled by KRANEKS Machinery Company today is to produce quality equipment matching that of world leaders and ensure competitiveness in all aspects of business – from production to sales and service through the introduction of modern technology and management methods.