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KRANEKS GROUP'S foundry offers a wide range of cast sections from various grades of steel, iron, non-ferrous metals and special alloys.

Steel castings

  • Steel grades: 25, 25Mn, 35 CrMnSi, 40Cr, 45, 20V, 20MnTi, 30V, 20CuCr, 35CrMo cast steel etc.
  • Castings weight: 1 -1000 kg
  • Maximum castings dimensions: 1000 x 900 x 400 mm

Special castings

  • Steel grades: low-alloy, high-tensile, wear-resisting steel.
  • Castings weight: 1 - 1000 kg
  • Maximum castings dimensions: 600 x 400 x 400 mm

Castings are produced with advanced (for Russia) techniques based on the principle of using cold-hardening mixtures. Moulds are automatically formed with advanced equipment from Gemco, Netherlands. Production processes are monitored, measured and adjusted using modern instruments like an ARL - 3460 quantometer from Switzerland, ТЦП - 1800П thermal gauge, KWG-10 electronic crane scales, and others.
Modern manufacturing techniques and equipment enable the production of complex shaped items of stable dimensions with a regulated microstructure and the required elasticity, ruggedness, gas-tightness.

  • Accuracy class: 9;
  • Casting surface roughness: RZ 500 - RZ 200;
  • Machining allowance: 3 - 5 mm.

Castings may also be produced differing in size, weight and metal grades from the above products, with minimal new product launching periods.

Castings may subsequently undergo machining and heat treatment, welding and painting.

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