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A company is defined not by its buildings, machine tools or computers, but by its employees.

Just as a symphony orchestra is above all composed of musicians, and not musical instruments or a concert hall.

It is the talent, purposefulness, qualification and ability to work in a team of each employee that determines the competitiveness of the entire company.

At KRANEKS Machinery Group, we have implemented a corporate IT management system and an appropriate corporate culture that practically excludes subjective attitudes to employees and assessment of their work.

Proceeding from the set of tasks facing KRANEKS Machinery Group as a whole, the IT management system is designed so as to automatically define the task of each individual employee (worker or professional) with a set planning time-frame (single tier management system).

In this way, the role of managers in relation to their subordinates is practically reduced to controlling the quality of fulfilled work.

Employees are payed automatically for the work fulfilled by them, according to the principal of “equal pay for equal work.” Employees can themselves monitor the extent of their pay through their operation sheets.

Annual assessment of employee merits (AEM) at KRANEKS Machinery Group enables all employees to evaluate their achievements in comparison with their colleagues.

The extent and depth of information technology implementation and working out of business processes in detail at KRANEKS Machinery Group enables all employees to fully achieve their creative potential and minimize possible friction with colleagues.

For candidates with diplomas or degrees with honours who have achieved top results in testing, there is a special programme for acceptance as staff members even in the absence of vacancies.

ELEKTROTEKHNIKA LLC Electric power supply
PROMENERGO (INDUSTRIAL ENERGY) LLCHeat and industrial gas supply
TSITU (Management Information Technologies) LLCManagement information technologies
TSBU (Financial Management Office) LLCFinancial management
KRANEKS MACHINERY COMPANY LLCExcavators and special equipment
KRANEKS-KOMATSU JVProduction of metal structures
EXPOLIT LLCCastings production
KP AELITA LLCPower plant
INSTRUMENT LLCTooling, jigs and fixtures
ATP KRANEKS LLCTransportation services
KRISTALL LLCCleaning services




About our company

KRANEKS MACINERY GROUP is a group of companies located in Ivanovo on a 45 hectare site and jointly engaged in designing, manufacturing and after sales support of the following main PRODUCTS:

  • IT services relating to corporate management with a single database for the group of legal entities.
  • Services relating to design of special crawler construction equipment.
  • KRANEKS hydraulic crawler excavators of 20-50 ton weight.
  • Metal structures for foreign excavator manufacturers.
  • Special construction equipment attachments and spare parts.
  • Mining buckets of all sizes.
  • Steel castings.
  • Forged and stamped parts.
  • Electric power transmission services.
  • Medical oxygen and industrial gases.
  • Metal cutting equipment repair services.
  • Facilities management and maintenance.

In its 20 years of collaboration with one of the world’s top construction equipment manufacturers, the Japanese company KOMATSU, within the framework of a joint venture established on a parity (50:50) basis for the production of hydraulic excavator metal structures, KRANEKS Machinery Group has acquired the necessary technological, logistical and organizational expertise that is digitized and secured in our IT management system and ensures the manufacture of competitive products.

KRANEKS Machinery Group has created and implemented a corporate IT management system with a single database of all legal entities comprising the group. All processes relating to management and production preparation, from deigning to product shipment are automated, with total exclusion of in-house paper-based document traffic.

The corporate IT-management system ensures compulsory performance of production and management processes by all KRANEKS Machinery Group employees. This has enabled us to attain a level of corporate management culture and product quality comparable to that of our Japanese joint venture partners.