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EK 450FS
Brief description

Weight 48 t

Engine 300 h.p.

Bucket capacity 2,6 m³

SpecificationsDimensionsWork zoneDescription


Name Specifications value

Model ЯМЗ-238Б

Rated horsepower, kW (hp) 220 (300) при 2100 об/мин

No. of cylinders 8

Cylinder bore, mm 130

Stroke, mm 140

Cylinder capacity, litres 14,86

Swing gear specifications

Swing torque, kNm 2 х 56

Swing speed, rpm 10,6

Track drive specifications

Maximum traction force, kN (ton) 400 (40)

Travel speeds, km/h 0 — 2,4 — 4,0

Weight and ground bearing pressure

Track width, mm 700
Excavator weight, kg 44 000
Ground bearing pressure, kgf/cm2 0,75

Hydraulic system specifications

Maximum pump capacity, l/min 2 х 376

Maximum hydraulic system pressure, MPa

Attachments circuit 30,0

Track drive circuit 28,5

Swing circuit 25,0

Control hydraulic system

Maximum pump capacity, l/min 40,0

Maximum pressure, MPa 4,0

Cylinder bore and stroke, mm

boom 170 х 1 590

arm 190 х 1 940

bucket 170 х 1 325

Filling capacities

Fuel tank 560

Engine cooling system 62

Engine crankcase 35

Swing gearbox 2 х 12,5

Travel gearbox (each side) 8

Hydraulic system (including tank) 500


A. Transport height, mm 4 045

B. Transport length, mm 12 240

C. Track width, mm 700

D. Undercarriage width, mm 3 450

E. Undercarriage length, mm 5 050

F. Distance between tumblers, mm 4 050

G. Ground clearance, mm 480

J. Track gauge, mm 2 750

K. Tail swing radius, mm 3 600

L. Height over cab, mm 3 190

H. Height to upperstructure, mm 1 234

A. Minimum digging reach, mm 2 630
B. Minimum reach on ground, mm 5 390
C. Bucket filling travel on ground, mm 3 140
D. Maximum digging reach, mm 8 660
E. Maximum digging depth, mm 4 360
F. Maximum digging height, mm 9 940
G. Maximum dump height, mm 7 100
H. Maximum bucket reverse angle on ground, º 56
I. Maximum bucket opening width, mm 1 380


The EK 450FS excavator’s robust and reliable cab has everything needed to ensure maximum operator output and comfort.

  • Simrit, hydraulic mounts reduce vibration;
  • Rubber seals on doors and hatches ensure sound and heat insulation;
  • Ergonomically designed Grammer seat adjustable for a wide range of positions;
  • Conveniently located controls from Bosch Rexroth requiring minimal effort with levers and pedals;
  • Additional comfort provided by Eberspacher heater;
  • Good visibility provided by large cab windows with flat glass for quick replacement in case of damage;
  • At customer’s request, an acoustic stereo recorder may be provided as an agreeable further option, also an air conditioner for comfortable operation in hot climates.


The EK 450FS - excavator’s new state-of-the art ergonomic design and multifunctional control panel performs prestart and current diagnostics of excavator systems, warns the operator of any malfunction or operation exceeding critical parameters, with flexible choice of excavator operating modes and hydraulic system and engine control.

The control panel’s LCD, featuring four indicators and four annunciators permits total control of engine temperature and pressure, hydraulic fluid and coolant temperature, fuel level, and their critical parameters.

The multifunctional STOP indicator warns the operator of emergencies, giving coded information on excavator unit malfunctioning during prestart diagnostics.

A system for automatically changing indicator illumination intensity and highlighting depending on outdoor lighting, together with non-reflective front panel surface ensure maximum operator comfort at all times of the day.

Active protection against operation in excess of critical parameters, STOP indicator and buzzer significantly simplify excavator system control and enable the operator to fully concentrate his attention on his job, resulting in higher labour efficiency.


The EK 450FS features an electrically started eight-cylinder, four-stroke YAMZ 238M2 diesel engine. YAMZ engines ensure long trouble-free excavator operation, being characterized by simple running and maintenance. The effective fuel combustion system ensures high nominal engine power and economy.

An optional Webasto prestart heater may be installed for efficient engine starting at low ambient temperatures.


The EK 450FS excavator’s hydraulic system ensures rational power consumption, smooth, precise and rapid performance depending on operating conditions and the nature of the work performed.

The hydraulic system is easy to operate and versatile (suitable for all attachments), and develops operating pressure of 32.5 MPa permitting maximum output with reduced downtime.

All excavators are equipped with a complete set of imported hydraulic equipment from Bosch Rexroth, cushioned hydraulic cylinders from Hydrauto and rotary distributors from Haldex.


Modern CAD technologies, high-quality materials, equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers, stringent quality control at all production process stages guarantee consistent quality, high precision and reliability of EK 450FS excavator metal structures.

All metal structure parts are made from low-alloy steel, ensuring enhanced robustness and reliability. Parts subjected to particularly heavy loads during operation are made from high-tensile grade 10CrSiNiCu steel. Buckets are made from high strength and wear resistant Hardox steel.

Welding is performed using Esab materials and semiautomatic welding machines from Kempi with carbon dioxide-argon mixtures. Innovative welding techniques and modern equipment ensure high weld durability, and thus consistently high metal structure quality.

Butt welding of pipes is performed using computerised Esab equipment, which ensures enhanced reliability and durability. Ultrasonic weld inspection precludes internal defects.


KRANEKS crawler units are characterised by high reliability and durability, ensuring efficient operation in all soils.

Track assemblies, rollers and tensioners from Valuepart, track drive gearboxes from Bonfiglioli ensure enhanced excavator reliability during travel, and also the required traction along inclines and during excavator turning.

The X-shaped crawler frame ensures high resistance to bending and torsion forces. The crawlers beams’ convex surface reinforces structural strength and prevents soil build-up.

Guide rails along the crawler beams prevent slipping of lower rollers from track belts.


Booms and arms are welded box section structures provided with special stiffening ribs (webs) in areas subjected to maximum stress. They are designed for efficient, trouble-free operation of EK 450FS excavators even in the toughest conditions. Buckets reinforced with Hardox steel are provided as standard equipment.

A wide range of optional attachments (buckets of various shapes and capacities, hydraulic breakers, rippers, twisted augers, clamshells) facilitate EK 450FS excavator versatility and high output.


The policy of the MG KRANEKS is aimed at constant improvement of the products, so MG KRANEKS reserves the right to modify the specifications of its machines without prior notice and without incurring obligations relating to such changes.